Work with me

I am incredibly passionate about functional movement and the impact it has on our emotional well-being. My whole-body approach lends itself beautifully to both my Pilates and Barre classes as well as my Freedom Fertility Formula™ work. Working with all levels of ability ranging from beginners to professional athletes, students to seniors and pre & postnatal women, seeing the progress my clients make on their fitness and wellness journey never loses its appeal.


Working with you from your feet up, I use a simple approach to align the body while unwinding the mind. With a firm focus on the benefits of natural movement, our work together can take you from daily struggles with tense muscles and messy minds to clear, calm and free.

Workout with me from the comfort of your own home with on demand and live online classes allowing you to pick and choose when YOU want to practice, no matter where you are.




Enjoy one live class a week, workout together with the rest of the Sam Mace Wellness community. Choose from any of the 6 classes on my online schedule to help you stay active, mobile, feel stretched and stay accountable with the live instruction.  



ON DEMAND pre recorded Barre and Pilates workouts which allow you to decide exactly when and how you want to workout all in the safety of your own home. Plus a monthly live class (subject to demand and instructor availability)

Try a 10 minute workout for free, and then enjoy unlimited access for just £27 per month.


Enjoy unlimited  live workouts staying accountable and on track with an instructor PLUS gain unlimited access to the full ON DEMAND pre recorded Barre and Pilates workouts  for just £67 per month.



How can I help you?

How I can help you…

The classes and workshops are delivered to help you move and feel better.

Whether you have a lack of mobility or flexibility, are returning to exercise after child birth or injury, or you suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction, I can help you move your body and calm your mind by focussing on:

  • core strength
  • improving posture
  • balance
  • muscle imbalances
  • correct breathing
  • back, hip and foot pain relief

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to email me.


Focussing on unravelling the overwhelm that surrounds troubled fertility journeys, I will empower you to “live in the wait” rather than waiting to live. Having been through my own all-consuming fertility issues, I have combined my whole body, natural movement approach with an in-depth understanding of what you are going through and the Freedom Fertility Formula™, to support women and their partners through their own fertility journeys.


What clients have to say


I have always loved movement – dance, yoga, tennis, skiing, step aerobics, you name it, if it gets you moving, I’ll LOVE it.

I began my own 5-year fertility struggle 8 years ago and found myself clumsily navigating my way through five miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy and two rounds of IVF (which ultimately led to our first rainbow baby, Freddie who is now three years old and most recently my second beautiful rainbow, Charlotte).

Following the arrival of my first born, my need to support others through their own journeys strengthened and I qualified as a Freedom Fertility Formula™ specialist. As an experienced Pilates, Barre and Nordic Walking instructor already, I understood the impact that natural movement could have on both mental and physical well-being. And, in combining the two I have enjoyed repeat successes particularly with those struggling with fertility, pregnant & postnatal, seniors and clients with pelvic dysfunction.