I am a qualified Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist and movement specialist highly experienced instructing barre, Pilates and nordic walking. I have a passion for movement and emotional wellbeing and a niche working with those struggling with fertility, pregnant & postnatal, seniors and clients with pelvic dysfunction. 

I have always loved movement – dance, yoga, tennis, skiing, step aerobics!! At the time I worked in a sedentary job and understood the importance of daily movement to alleviate low back pain.  Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day along with a 45 minute driving commute made me realise how little I was moving and how weak my lower back was becoming. Teaching Pilates has enabled me to focus on these areas with my clients who may also lead sedentary working lives. 

Now teaching Pilates and barre with a more full body approach, I rarely sit down and very much enjoy motivating my clients to move and feel the benefits of moving regularly. Having a strong background in dance I created my own barre fit training programme and class to compliment the Pilates.  I love how a barre class provides clients with  mostly standing exercises and and opportunity to embrace their inner ballerina. Barre clients love the diversity a barre class offers, there is no need to be a dancer, this low impact full body workout is excellent for all round fitness especially if going back to sit at a desk.

I have helped and enjoy working with all levels from beginners, professional sports athletes, students, seniors, pre and post natal and seeing the progress my clients make on their fitness and wellness journey. All classes are safe, effective, and realistic with up to date research based instruction.

When I am not planning lessons, you will generally find me searching for some free time once my 2-year-old son goes to bed, indulging in a Netflix series on the sofa with my husband John. Caring for the menagerie of animals, Charlie our working cocker spaniel, Rusty the cat, the hens, Frank (large white goat) William, and Jem the pygmy goats also bring me, a city turned country gal, lots of amusement. I love reading, although rather slowly… 1 page a night before nodding off, attending a Pilates, ballet or yoga class if time permits and baking (but not enough to be entered into bake off!).  I have travelled extensively as a child and taught English in Japan for 2 years.

I also advise and offer fertility and postnatal support having experienced  a difficult fertility journey myself providing online courses or face to face coaching, please visit my fertility page for more info.


How can I help you?

By focusing on:

  • core strength
  • improving posture
  • balance
  • muscle coordination
  • correct breathing
  • Relieve back pain

The classes and workshops are delivered to help you move and feel better. You will learn how to ease aches and pains and feel healthy.

Whether you have a lack of mobility or flexibility, returning to exercise after child birth or injury, suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction I can help you move your body and calm your mind.

What clients have to say