I remember when I was studying Shiatsu and one of the 3rd Years who had just graduated made a leaflet that always made me smile.  It asked the same question “What is Shiatsu?” and then said 

‘It’s not a dog….’ 

‘It’s not a kind of Japanese noodle’

‘It’s not a kind of Martial art’ 

I’ve seen other practitioners do versions of this too.  After all, when it can feel so amazing and works on so many levels of our being, how do we start to explain what Shiatsu is?

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Wood is the Element associated with Spring in the Chinese 5 Elements – one of the systems Shiatsu follows!

Look at the signs of spring all around you which are well underway.  Buds growing full of potential.  Spring flowers.  So much that was unseen beneath the ground or within the plant is now ready and starting to become, or has become visible.  Signs of growth are all around.

Wood can be strong, it can be flexible, it can grow.  It can hold and support the earth, yet also be held and supported by the earth.

Wood can also be stiff, rigid, and be prone to breaking or snapping.

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