Pilates with Sam is suitable for all beginners, improvers, Seniors, clients recovering from injury or those suffering from stiff achy joints, low back pain and weak core due to sitting at a desk.

The main focus of the classes is to strengthen the back and core, re balance the body and improve posture through re-alignment. Sam uses a full body approach working from the feet upwards using small, controlled movements based on Pilates principles.


Barre combines basic ballet moves with a blend of Pilates, yoga and functional movements to create an efficient, fun and challenging workout. Suitable for all this low impact, high-intensity class will tone, define and strengthen the whole body. It is the perfect combination of an energetic class that elevates the heart and builds butts!


Pregnancy Pilates.

Pregnancy Pilates helps to reduce those aches and pains. keep you active and benefit from some social time with other expectant women. When you choose to start your Pregnancy Pilates journey, is entirely up to you. Some women start in their first trimester, others in their second and their third trimester. Sam is passionate about educating women about the changes that occur to their bodies during pregnancy. Sam understands firsthand that clients who choose to exercise with her, are able to withstand the physical demands of labour, because their bodies are more physically and mentally prepared.

Nordic Walking.

Nordic walking is great for fitness, movement and mental health regardless of fitness level, age or injury it is suitable for all. This outdoor workout has so many benefits:
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1-1 Pilates.

Sam will take time explaining the correct position your body must be in to perform Pilates and other exercises properly, and will give you variations should anything feel uncomfortable.

An individual 1-2-1 session is particularly beneficial for those clients who are suffering with back pain and sacroilliac joint pain. Pregnant clients suffering from pelvic instability conditions such as Pelvic Girdle Pain, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction would also find a 1-1 session beneficial.

1-1 Nordic Walking .

If your schedule does not allow for workshop attendance or you prefer to learn at your own pace at a time that suits you, or perhaps you are returning to exercise after having a baby, why not book in for a 1-2-1 class with Sam?

Sessions can be arranged at a location near you on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays , as well as weekend afternoons.

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Postnatal Recovery At Home.

Let Sam take the stress out of getting out the house. Sam will come to you and guide you through simple postnatal recovery exercises using a full body approach, provide that much needed emotional support for your mental health and surround you with some adult connection to alleviate what can sometimes feel like a frustrating and lonely time.

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