Stretch, stretch and stretch.

3 Reasons to come to my Stretch Class

The importance of stretchingI have trained in a number of styles of dance so have always had the importance of stretch drilled into my head from an early age. The importance, benefits and the safe practise of Stretching really have been part of me since I could basically walk! I base my class on stretches with partners so you can get the full feeling of your full potential of flexibility for all parts of the body.

The most important aspect of stretching to me is the breathing into each stretch to make sure all the muscles are relaxed as if you are tense and stretch you won’t be able to elongate and keep those muscles lean as well as stretched and you will bulk. As well as the breathing being important when stretching it even comes into play in our daily lives, just taking one deep breath every so often throughout the day can de stress you as you are just letting everything go which should leave you feeling relaxed which is how you should always feel while stretching.

The next important reason for me would have to be it is important to know how to stretch properly to prevent any injuries you may get. It is important to always stretch before and after any exercise we do. After working muscles, you need to make sure as because they have built up lactic acid which then makes the legs feel heavy and tense, the stretching will release that tension and as I mentioned above leave you with a lean body. If you jump straight into intense activity your muscles won’t be warm enough so will slowly in time (not necessarily straight away) start to occur long term injury if you don’t stretch them properly and carefully which leads me on to progression.

Progression in stretching is something that I like to do a lot of in my exercises. For example, starting at a comfortable place to Stretch for you and do it in three sets where the last set you have stretched to your full potential using the breathing. If everything is tense, or legs are not straight or you are in not correct form depending on exercise you will not improve.

You can also stretch anywhere. Sitting in front of the telly after a hard day’s work, the gym before you start a vigorous workout or even on holiday if your feeling motivated enough!! Take 10 mins out of your day to focus on one stretch you have learnt in my class at least 4 times a week and you will one hundred percent have improved and feel more relaxed the next week you attend!

Chiara Brooke




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