1. Strength and definition

Barre Fit Classes
Barre at The View Studio, St. Andrews

When you work your thighs in a Barre Class, you target that muscle group from all angles. Three thigh exercises will work to fatigue the front, inner and outer thighs, strengthening the muscles from joint to joint. The same goes for your abs back glutes and arms. Use of your arms in Barre just holding in 2nd or port de bras is an excellent way to strengthen your shoulders as well as your back. You are also strengthening muscles that are often underused and underdeveloped.

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Social Interaction at The View StudioSocial interaction and bonding, whether with peers in the same group, team or class, or with a partner or a child, all have been shown to be beneficial for your health. Emotions such as affection and trust characterise bonding.

Group fitness classes bring a social element to exercising which helps with motivation and commitment. The bonds that you build with instructors and other members should grow stronger over time.

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The pelvic floor Kegel exercises diagramAfter giving birth to my son in October, I was not surprised to be told by my Midwife to start doing the old pelvic floor squeezing to tighten up my lady bits! I was however shocked by the vagueness of this statement.

As a trained pre/postnatal fitness expert, who enjoys keeping her education on this subject matter up to date, these squeeze and lift exercises in recent years have most definitely changed.

Obviously strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is really, really important. Also keeping these muscles in check during pregnancy is vital too.

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Keep those tootsies cosy this Autumn.

The View studio grip socksThat special something in the air at this time of year definitely indicates that autumn is upon us. A crisp breeze, crackling logs on the fire and the bristling colourful leaves rustling under foot. The amazing array of colours and picturesque scenes inspire many.

Autumn brings tradition with Harvest Festivals, dressing up ready to trick or treat with Halloween and all to be followed by the thrill and excitement of Guy Fawkes’ Bonfire Night.

The perfect excuse to sneak a hot chocolate (topped with marshmallows and cream!!!), the amazing aromas of scented candles, snuggles under the duvet, the return of fluffy onesies and the joy of hearty comforting food makes autumn a dream.

As with everything in life, there are always draw backs and in Autumn it has to be the start of the return of ice-blocks for feet.

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The popular workout of Barre integrates dance, Pilates, yoga and strength training all in one. It is also great for stretching and lengthening, so it really should be a consideration.

So that you can make a more informed decision though and not just take our word for it, here are some more details.

Barre Training – The Fundamentals

This training method has been designed to give a total body workout. Barre workouts are an infusion of:

  • Classical ballet training – Known for its aesthetics & rigorous technique including pointe work, turnout of the legs and high extensions.
  • Pilates – Improves flexibility, builds strength and develops both control and endurance of the body.
  • Yoga – Increases flexibility, muscle strength, tone, respiration, energy and vitality. Connects the mind and body and can protect from injury.
  • Cardio Dance – Allows you to improve your cardio incorporating a variety of low and medium impact aerobic dance moves.
  • Calisthenics – Also known as body weight training, light hand held weights are used however most of the time we use the body to develop the body.
  • Strength Training – With strength training resistance is used to induce muscular contraction to build strength, anaerobic endurance and increase muscle size.

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(Left to right: Emma, Donna, Cheryl, Alex, and Jane)
(Left to right: Emma, Donna, Cheryl, Alex, and Jane)

It’s nearly time to open up, St Andrews.

With one week to go, we’re pretty chuffed about OPEN DAY, giddy to welcome you all to our seaside studio. Spots in the FREE 30-minute taster classes (Barre Fit, Pilates, Ashtanga & Vinyasa yoga and Movement & Mindful Meditation) are beginning to fill. In preparation for the event, we interviewed members to discover what they love about The View Studio. And in the spirit of #openupstandrews, we asked them to reveal something they’re open to try this year.

First up is Emma Ward, Nursery Early Years Practitioner and mum of two.

MY FAVOURITE CLASS: “Pilates. I really enjoy the deep stretch and alignment awareness this class gives me. When I skip a class, my body misses it and doesn’t feel right. I think sitting on teeny chairs at work doesn’t help either.”

I LOVE THE VIEW STUDIO BECAUSE: “When I visit The View it is my chance for ‘me time’, my chance to escape from the endless tasks I need to be doing at home. Those tasks can wait an hour or so. The small class sizes are great and with the sea view, I feel like I could be anywhere. Concentrating on the view outside surely takes my mind off the jelly leg barre tasks.”

THIS YEAR I AM OPEN TO: “Trying gin again! In the past I’ve never got the taste for it but I am determined to like it as I’d love to be able to order a g&t – then I’d know that I’m a proper grown-up lady!”

Thanks, Emma. We’re open to helping you reach those gin-tasting goals too.

Say hello to Donna Renton. In her words, she is addicted to The View and “is owned by one laid-back lab and one nutty spaniel.” She is also a wife and a mother of three teenagers.

MY FAVOURITE CLASS: “4.15pm barre because it signals the start of the week’s classes for me even though it always gives me jelly legs!”

I LOVE THE VIEW STUDIO BECAUSE: “I meet people whose paths I perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise crossed. I love the different abilities and ages, the chats before and after class and most of all, the laughs during! I love the fact that as soon as I get there, just for that hour or two, it’s ‘me time’.”

THIS YEAR I AM OPEN TO: “Replacing red wine with water but failing that (which is highly likely) I’d like to build enough confidence and strength to achieve a headstand in Iyenger class before my next milestone birthday!”

Remember this face because you’ll likely see her every time you attend a class. (She is really addicted. It’s true.) And if you turn up to the 90-minute Iyenger class on a Thursday, you may be able to help her make her headstand dream come true. We love you, Donna!

Meet Cheryl Dochard, mum of three and Administrator for the Royal Economic Society. Cheryl has a quick wit and has been known to have people in stitches by the end of class. It’s wonderful – except when you’re trying to hold a Teaser in Pilates.

MY FAVOURITE CLASS: “Barre Fit, for sure! Abs tight from the first beat, leg shakes and great instructors!
I LOVE THE VIEW STUDIO BECAUSE: “It’s a workout with friends and A1 instructors. Throw in the sea view…pure bliss!”
THIS YEAR I AM OPEN TO: “Embracing my inner ballerina!

Meet Alex Shaw, a fourth-year Business Management student hailing from Florida. Alex is a prolific beach expert (if that’s a thing) and a mastermind behind a lens. This year Alex plans on completing her degree whilst taking on major creative endeavours for a not-so-tiny event called DONT WALK.

MY FAVOURITE CLASS: “I love Vinyasa Flow on Saturday mornings because it is the perfect way to unwind from the hectic week and energise myself for the fun things of the weekend!”
I LOVE THE VIEW STUDIO BECAUSE: It is such a peaceful space to have a great workout in. There’s definitely a reason why it’s named ‘The View.”
THIS YEAR I AM OPEN TO: “Trying out the 7AM Ashtanga!”

Early mornings have nothing on you, Alex. Rest assured that the good people at Taste will be ready to brew your coffee at 8:03. (It takes roughly two minutes to hit Taste after a class. Bonus.)

Finally, meet Jane Carswell, Founder and Owner of Capercaillie Escapes (a wee tour and events company for bespoke trips around Scotland)

MY FAVOURITE CLASS: “Monday lunchtime barre – nicely breaks up the first day of the working week. It’s always a busy class and just has a great energised feel to it.”

I LOVE THE VIEW STUDIO BECAUSE: “I love The View for many reasons: the beautiful setting by the water which I always find inspiring, the warm welcome that Sam and the instructors always provide, and the genuine escape from things for an hour.”

THIS YEAR I AM OPEN TO: “Becoming a leaner, healthier person in mind, body and soul (with a little bit of help from my friends.) I’m also open to trying a new activity or seeing a new place every month.”

What about you? What are you open to this year? Come tell us in person on Saturday 17th September. The party starts at 9am. See you there!

To book a spot in one or more of our 30-minute FREE taster classes, sign up online.

To get up-to-the-minute information, follow us on Twitter.

Get in on the conversation by liking our Facebook Page.

Get complete event details on our Facebook OPEN DAY Event Page.


Each September, the academic calendar rolls over in St Andrews and one thing is certain. Our ancient Auld Grey Toon feels vibrant and new.

When the university crowd arrives, there are fresh faces and opportunities around each cobblestone corner. For the permanent residents, the invigorating buzz functions as an chance to piggy-back on the spirit of new beginnings. It’s a moment for everyone to freshen up routines, evaluate goals and lay the foundation for new habits. People are open to change.

In celebration of open minds, new faces, and new beginnings, we would like to invite everyone to visit The View Studio for Open Day on Saturday, 17th September. It’s more than a chance to participate in free taster classes – though that alone is the perfect reason to come! We invite you to explore the possibility of giving your body and mind the excellent care it craves.

Members and newcomers are invited to drop in and try a new workout, meet instructors, explore the space, connect with the community, and of course, take in our spectacular view of the coast. There will be door prizes, refreshments and a few surprises.

Doors will be open from 9am – 4:30pm and the timetable for 30-minute classes is as follows.

9am – Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Naomi
10.30am – Ashtanga with Anna
12pm – Barre Basics with Grace
2pm – Dynamic Pilates with Claire
4pm – Mindful Movement & Meditation with Claudia

Come with an open mind, stay for the classes, and leave with enthusiasm to take care of your body and mind this year. Open the door to the possibilities this season brings. We hope to see you there. We want to see you #openupstandrews

To secure a spot in one of our five free taster classes, please book with us online. (https://bookwhen.com/theview) For up-to-the-minute updates, RSVP on our Facebook event page or follow us on Twitter.

healthy recipe pilates yoga barre st andrews the view


Having this super dressing around makes eating savory snacks like rice, veggies and alike much more appealing, it goes well with tofu too, and it makes leftovers light up. if you’re in a rush and just have time to ‘eat leaves’ this works wonderfully. Make ahead so that you have it to hand.


1 empty jar and lid (like a jam jar or something) or plastic clip top cup
½ cup tahini spread (any type will do)
6 tablespoons of warm water
4 tablespoons of lemon juice and the pulp (1 ½ lemons)
2 tablespoons rice or white or red wine vinegar (whatever you have in the cupboard)
2-3 tablespoons of olive oil
2-4 teaspoons of soy sauce (2 if its dark, 4 if its light style)

Quick and easy method

Add the ingredients above into the jar. Give it a good shake.
Take the lid off – to release the air – and screw the lid back on.

Put in the fridge for an hour before you use it so the ingredients settle and the dressing gets to a good thickness.
That’s it!

How to Use

Pour On Everything!!! Now you have a super savory dressing that you can experiment with the amount of lemon juice, vinegars and soy to get your flavour combo just right for you.

You can add less liquid if you want a thicker sauce, and you get a darker sauce (like the one here) if you use dark soy instead of light. You can also add a bit of fresh orange juice if you run out of lemon, or want more sweetness.

This recipe is OK for raw tahini – you get a very light paste, and you can also add things like garlic (I’m not a fan of raw garlic so I leave it out).

Check out our other delicious recipes on our BLOG PAGE  which includes healthy recipes from salads to brownies.

pilates yoga barre st andrews

 We would love to see you at The View Studio, St Andrews for pilates, yoga and barre classes. Check out our timetable to see if you can find a class you’d like to come to.

st andrews the view pilates yoga barre

We understand that sometimes you have to rush to class, and that on occasion, rushing means you forget something. We understand it’s frustrating when you snap your only  hair band with 2 minutes to get to your mat, or after class pull the last wipe out when you need two, or your rolly deo doesn’t play ball. But don’t worry when you run out of, or forget your toiletries, we have it covered!

Here at The View Studio, we really want you to have the best experience possible before, during and after your class.

You asked for toiletries including deodorant, baby wipes, moisturiser and dry shampoo, which you are welcome to use.

We’ve also added hair bands and kirby grips…. because you never can tell which moment it’s going to be that your fringe gets too long, or there’s a whispy bit that’s going to misbehave.

Visit The View Studio, St Andrews –  for the very best in Pilates Barre and Yoga, and stay for the tea and friendship


the view pilates yoga barre st andrews

P.S. You are also now very, very welcome to stay after class on the days that you do have a bit of time, and help yourself to a cup of green tea – on us. Stay to chat, make friends and find a little more time to ‘just be‘ before heading off.