3 Reasons to come to my Stretch Class

The importance of stretchingI have trained in a number of styles of dance so have always had the importance of stretch drilled into my head from an early age. The importance, benefits and the safe practise of Stretching really have been part of me since I could basically walk! I base my class on stretches with partners so you can get the full feeling of your full potential of flexibility for all parts of the body.

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Can YOGA really be classed as cardio exercise? 

try a power yoga for a cardio workoutWe feel the cardio workout from yoga, don’t we? But does it really count?

Traditionally this has always been up for debate, but according to a new study the answer is categorically ‘Yes’, as long as you do it fast enough, it is possible for you to burn serious calories equivalent to a light aerobics’ workout.

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Here’s Part 2 of “5 FAQs on abdominal separation”.

Abdominal SeparationI hope you found the previous blog post informative.
I’m often asked about diastasis recti (the medical name for abdominal separation) by postnatal clients and do believe that education is key when it comes to rehabilitating this condition.

Below are 5 more FAQs about abdominal separation, which I’m happy to answer:


If your alignment is way off and you have a lot of poor postural traits, then it’s possible that the more pregnancies you have, the wider the gap in your abdominals will remain.  If your diastasis recti wasn’t tested after your first baby, then after subsequent pregnancies, you’re more likely to have a slightly wider gap each time you get pregnant.

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Some Of Your Abdominal Separation Questions Answered.

Continuing with our focus on abdominal separation or diastasis recti as it is formally, or medically referred to.
Abdominal Separation - Your Questions AnsweredBelow are 5 FAQs often asked about abdominal separation, which I, Sam Mace am happy to answer:
When you, your GP or myself who is Ante/Postnatal trained, checks your abdominals for any separation, we’re looking for a gap of less than 2 fingers in between the six-pack muscles, above and/or below the belly button.  If the gap is wider than 2 fingers, then it’s considered a diastasis, or abdominal separation.

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Try the following from The View Studio to fix Abdominal SeparationWhen it comes to fixing abdominal separation, gone are the days when I can just say:
“Here are 4 exercises for you. Do them every day for the next month and let me know how you get on”
Sorry – was that what you were after?
A quick-fix?
Unfortunately in our Insta, have it now world, focussing solely on your mid-section and training just your abdominal muscles in an effort to ‘fix’ any distension in your tummy muscles is what’s called ‘spot reducing’.
Put simply, ‘spot reducing’ is where you focus on just one muscle group, one body part, or just one area of your body and try to tone the hell out of it!

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Social Interaction at The View StudioSocial interaction and bonding, whether with peers in the same group, team or class, or with a partner or a child, all have been shown to be beneficial for your health. Emotions such as affection and trust characterise bonding.

Group fitness classes bring a social element to exercising which helps with motivation and commitment. The bonds that you build with instructors and other members should grow stronger over time.

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The pelvic floor Kegel exercises diagramAfter giving birth to my son in October, I was not surprised to be told by my Midwife to start doing the old pelvic floor squeezing to tighten up my lady bits! I was however shocked by the vagueness of this statement.

As a trained pre/postnatal fitness expert, who enjoys keeping her education on this subject matter up to date, these squeeze and lift exercises in recent years have most definitely changed.

Obviously strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is really, really important. Also keeping these muscles in check during pregnancy is vital too.

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Position of the Manipura ChakraWinter clearly does not want to depart this year and make way for spring. With the beast from the east having clearly moved in over most of the country, how can we keep ourselves warm?

There are many answers like drinking hot drinks and adding additional layers but why not consider stoking your inner fire by practicing some yoga.

Our circulation decreases in the cold and in turn this slows the effectiveness of the organs which causes a further decrease in our body’s temperature.

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