I remember when I was studying Shiatsu and one of the 3rd Years who had just graduated made a leaflet that always made me smile.  It asked the same question “What is Shiatsu?” and then said 

‘It’s not a dog….’ 

‘It’s not a kind of Japanese noodle’

‘It’s not a kind of Martial art’ 

I’ve seen other practitioners do versions of this too.  After all, when it can feel so amazing and works on so many levels of our being, how do we start to explain what Shiatsu is?

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A yoga journey - by Jamie Dunleavey a yoga instructor at The View Studio

My journey into yoga seemed to happen so quickly! After graduating from Napier University in 2013 with a music degree, needless to say, I suddenly felt pretty lost. Thrown into the world of self-employment, I now had some important choices to make, and many responsibilities I had never known before. It was overwhelming, and I secretly didn’t handle it well at all.

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1. Strength and definition

Barre Fit Classes
Barre at The View Studio, St. Andrews

When you work your thighs in a Barre Class, you target that muscle group from all angles. Three thigh exercises will work to fatigue the front, inner and outer thighs, strengthening the muscles from joint to joint. The same goes for your abs back glutes and arms. Use of your arms in Barre just holding in 2nd or port de bras is an excellent way to strengthen your shoulders as well as your back. You are also strengthening muscles that are often underused and underdeveloped.

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Are you in control of your movements during your exercise class?

Fundamentals of Pilates Workshop tackling the principles of ControlThe fundamentals of Pilates, the principles underlying this unique form of movement, teach and train individuals to develop control while exercising. The fundamentals, also known as the principles, are the main components of all Joseph Pilates’ exercises, including mat-based and standing exercises.

There are typically 8 principles included in Pilates’ exercise method, all of them helping to improve the effect of the exercise. Control is one of these principles and indeed, Joseph H. Pilates’ book, written in 1945, is titled ‘Return to Life Through Contrology’.

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Some Of Your Abdominal Separation Questions Answered.

Continuing with our focus on abdominal separation or diastasis recti as it is formally, or medically referred to.
Abdominal Separation - Your Questions AnsweredBelow are 5 FAQs often asked about abdominal separation, which I, Sam Mace am happy to answer:
When you, your GP or myself who is Ante/Postnatal trained, checks your abdominals for any separation, we’re looking for a gap of less than 2 fingers in between the six-pack muscles, above and/or below the belly button.  If the gap is wider than 2 fingers, then it’s considered a diastasis, or abdominal separation.

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Press pause in your life.Being a new mum to a 9 month old baby boy alongside running my own business, and working my way through all the domestic chores as well as not forgetting to walk our two dogs leaves me feeling frazzled. I have friends who are now onto their third and fourth child and I think, boy oh boy their lives must be even more hectic. One friend described it as, ‘happy chaos’
Finding those moments of calm, can feel like finding a needle in a hair stack most days. However, fitting in a little ‘time-out’ does help to improve mental clarity, improve memory and increases concentration helping us make coping with life as a mum or busy individual just that little bit easier.

Here are 10 REALISTIC tips to press pause

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What Foods Help Heal Abdominal Separation?

Healthy Fruit and VegSo, seriously, how’s your diet at the moment?  Is it packed full of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients a busy mum needs?  Or, do find yourself constantly eating on the run, not making time to eat, and you are therefore constantly tired?
Ok, so life with a newborn certainly is not easy.  You’re not sleeping very well, and your baby’s nowhere near sleeping through yet!
As you know, nutrition plays a massive role in weight loss.  Today, we take a look at fat burning foods.
I hope, with a bit of tweaking here and there to your current eating plan, you’ll feel less sugar cravings, feel less hungry and feel more energised in the process.

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Abdominal Separation

Separation of the Abdominal MusclesEveryone has abdominal separation. Diastasis recti happens when there is a gap of 2 fingers or more. Abdominal separation is most common after having a baby. What happens during pregnancy is the six-pack muscle (Rectus abdominis), which runs down from your breastbone to your pubic bone, is joined together by a fibrous sheath called the Linea Alba. This mid-section of the body stretches and expands to allow room for the baby. The muscles don’t actually split; it is more an abdominal “separation”. A bit like a piece of cling film coming apart.

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