I remember when I was studying Shiatsu and one of the 3rd Years who had just graduated made a leaflet that always made me smile.  It asked the same question “What is Shiatsu?” and then said 

‘It’s not a dog….’ 

‘It’s not a kind of Japanese noodle’

‘It’s not a kind of Martial art’ 

I’ve seen other practitioners do versions of this too.  After all, when it can feel so amazing and works on so many levels of our being, how do we start to explain what Shiatsu is?

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Improve your wellbeing with these 7 things that you can do in just 7 minutes.

Doodle, stretch and strengthen to improve wellbeingCould you spare 7 minutes a day to improve your wellbeing? Considering that each day consists of 1,440 minutes, 7 minutes is just .49%. It is madness if we can’t allow just a few minutes to help our own wellbeing.

Starting now, why don’t you ensure that you take just 7 minutes to de-stress & improve your wellbeing each and every day. It doesn’t sound long, but you will be amazed how much you can fit in.

Listed below are 7 ideas we have, but we would also love to hear yours, so please don’t be shy to share them with us on social media.

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