I have walked in your shoes…

Those triggers of receiving a text message of another pregnancy announcement, or seeing someone else’s scan photo sent me into a downward spiral of despair. I felt anxious, alone, jealous, frustrated and miserable that it wasn’t me.

Inspired to help others following my own 5 year struggle which culminated in 5 miscarriages, an ectopic and two rounds of IVF which ultimately led to rainbow baby, Freddie who is now two years old.

I am so excited to offer a structured approach to women and their partners on their emotional and often overwhelming fertility journey with 1-1 fertility coaching sessions.

These sessions will provide you with the tools to feel emotional in control in mind and body.

How can I help?

To get started let’s have an informal FREE virtual chat to find out how I can help and which option best meets your needs.


SAme Mace Barre Instructor

1-1 Session.

I offer one off coaching sessions in movement and fertility coaching.

Freedom Fertility Formula specialist program.

These 7 sessions can be in person or online spread over a 3 month period.

The Freedom Fertility Formula is a unique blend of coaching, counselling, mind and body techniques to support you on your fertility journey.

Together we work on your triggers, challenges and struggles and learn simple tools and techniques to help transform the way you are currently feeling and help you live in the wait rather than waiting to live for a baby.

Movement for your fertility journey program.

As a movement specialist, teaching Pilates and moving my body is what got me through my fertility struggles.

I wasn’t aware of fertility coaching on my own journey, but I understand the important role movement played with mindset.

These 6 modules allow you to join me live or work through in your own time.

Through a full body approach this program will prepare your body for pregnancy and leave you feeling calm, confident and in control in mind and body.

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