Hello, I'm Sam!

A Freedom Fertility Formula™, Pilates & Barre specialist working with men and women looking to find strength, feel healthy and boost mental well-being PLUS those struggling with fertility, pre/postnatal women, seniors and clients with hip, knee or back pain or pelvic dysfunction. Everyone is welcome in my classes.


My full body, transformative approach to movement will encourage you to feel stronger, calmer and more free of bodily tension. Together we will work towards you feeling lighter and more present in every moment. 

Movement has the power to change your life – would you like me to show you how? I am based in St Andrews, Fife and I offer classes and 1-1 sessions in person or online.


My focus as a health and wellness instructor as a whole is always on reducing your overwhelm, both physical and mental. Whether that stress and anxiety is down to work related stress, post lockdown stress, illness, injury or fertility struggles, by providing you with the tools you need to help you unravel your thoughts, my aim is to enable you to live much more freely in the moment.


What clients have to say


I have always loved movement – dance, yoga, tennis, skiing, step aerobics, you name it, if it gets you moving, I’ll LOVE it.

I began my own 5-year fertility struggle 8 years ago and found myself clumsily navigating my way through five miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy and two rounds of IVF (which ultimately led to our first rainbow baby, Freddie who is now three years old and most recently my second beautiful rainbow, Charlotte).

Following the arrival of my first born, my need to support others through their own journeys strengthened and I qualified as a Freedom Fertility Formula™ specialist. As an experienced Pilates, Barre and Nordic Walking instructor already, I understood the impact that natural movement could have on both mental and physical well-being. And, in combining the two I have enjoyed repeat successes particularly with those struggling with fertility, pregnant & postnatal, seniors and clients with pelvic dysfunction.


Pilates is a form of low-impact, full body exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving posture and flexibility. With a focus on slow, precise movements and breath control, you can do Pilates with or without equipment.

Pilates with me is suitable for everyone from beginners to long-time practisers and improvers to seniors & clients recovering from injury.

The main focus of the classes is to strengthen the back and core, re-balance the body and improve posture through re-alignment. Working from the feet upwards, I employ a whole-body approach to help you achieve the very best result from your practice. 


Barre combines basic ballet with a blend of pilates, yoga and functional movem,ents to create an effective, low impact workout. Toning, defining and strengthening, my Barre classes are suitable for everyone.

With my strong background in dance I have created my own Barre Fit training programme to complement my Pilates classes. I love how a barre class provides clients with mostly standing exercises and an opportunity to embrace their inner ballerina (we all have them in there somewhere!)

Barre clients love the diversity the classes offer & there is no need to be a dancer to enjoy this low impact, full body workout which is excellent for all round fitness.

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