Experience a gentle Pilates workout together with the rest of the Sam Mace Wellness community. This live class every Wednesday 10-11am will help you stay active, mobile, feel stretched and stay accountable with the live instruction.  

Plus unlimited access to on demand gentle Pilates pre recorded classes


ON DEMAND pre recorded Barre and Pilates workouts which allow you to decide exactly when and how you want to workout all in the safety of your own home. Plus a monthly live class (subject to demand and instructor availability)

Try a 10 minute workout for free, and then enjoy unlimited access for just £27 per month.


Enjoy a weekly gentle Pilates live workout staying accountable and on track with an instructor PLUS gain unlimited access to the full ON DEMAND pre recorded Barre and Pilates workouts  for just £67 per month.

Online Course.

Your Pelvic Matters Online Course

This 8 week online course to help improve pelvic floor dysfunction with a ‘fewer exercises’ approach, more insight about my non-Kegel, full body approach, you will get everything you need from head-to-toe in this Your Pelvic Matters course.

Are you interested in:

Decreasing symptoms of (stress/urge incontinence)?
Reduce how bothersome the symptoms of prolapse can be
Reduce the grade of prolapse from 3 to 2
Improve the function of your pelvic floor

Still interested?

Mind The Gap Abdominal Separation Workshop

This 2 hour  virtual workshop focuses on diastasis recti and how this separation can lead to a lack of core strength and pelvic stability and, when left unresolved, can contribute to low back or sacroiliac joint pain, pelvic pain, or pelvic floor dysfunction.  Diastasis Recti affects the whole body both aesthetically and functionally.

Do you notice

  • ‘Doming’ of your stomach, especially when coming up from a lying position on your back?
  • Low back pain?
  • Sometimes you still look like a few months pregnant?

Movement For Your Fertility Journey

This 6 week online course to reclaim your emotional well-being.

Are you interested in:

Aligning your mind and body?

Take back emotional control?

Living in the wait rather than waiting to live?

This is not just a regular mindset coaching course it’s a full on educational movement based program about how what’s above and below the pelvis can support you on your fertility journey with alignment and movement.

Revive Your Feet Workshop

In this virtual workshop you will discover simple exercises to help relieve foot pain and improve posture. Learn how keeping your feet mobile effects the rest of the body, from the knees up to the hips and pelvis and beyond.

Are you interested in:

  • Easing foot pain
  • Relieving bunions
  • Stretching out calf muscles
  • Reducing tension associated with plantar fasciitis 

This virtual workshop will also look at rolling through the foot to improve walking gait incorporated with an understanding of shoe type and how shoe choice can have an overall affect on your body. This workshop is guaranteed to give your feet the attention they deserve.