Find Joy In Movement


I find it really hard to practice what I preach and attend a class just for me on a weekly basis. Being a parent to a two year old,heading out for a third night in the week is sadly not feasible right now.

So for those of you who are committing and showing up once a week or even twice a week, amazing effort and thank you. I admire you!

This got me thinking about how I move and view movement. Movement doesn’t need to be viewed as a a weekly exercise class if like me you struggle to squeeze in time for a class.

I know I need to move my body daily, sometimes more often than that and these are three fun, simple ways I find JOY in movement.

When I deliver my classes, I aim to make my classes fun and as simple as possible. Using a three tiered approach:

1) Full body alignment
2)Thoracic breathing
3) Simple layered functional exercise info

This allows you to find your own joy in the movement, rather than pushing yourself to change your body and  seeking immediate results. You can also do most of the exercises at home smattered through the day which will present long term results.

Pick out some oldies but goodies. Playing a few of my faves in barre class always bring a smile to my face.  My seniors class often reminisce and comment on my playlist in their class.

Pump up the volume! Having a dance round the kitchen with or without my son brings me to my happy place. I love dancing and getting my groove on, even when a little person is bossing me around telling me not to dance.

Over to you, what is the one thing that can instantly help you find joy in movement? Comment below or email me

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