How to Exercise Your Creativity

Creativity. Some people seem to have it in quantities. Every idea they have is brilliant, and
you’re surprised at how much they can create. Meanwhile, others suffer from a creative block.

Why is that?

While some people are more naturally creative than others, the most creative people still have moments where they have doubts or a writer’s block. However, many of them learned that exercising one’s creative mind is important when being creative. Here’s how.

But First
Sometimes artists struggle with getting started, or need help with creative exercises. It may just be a block, but a counselor or a therapist can help in those severe circumstances. Thanks to online counseling, it’s easier than ever, too. Sites such as can help you grow as a person and help you stay creative.

Exercises to Do
Just like yoga or barre, creativity is an exercise you can perform, a muscle you can train. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Set a Timed Amount to Be Creative
With exercising, you always have to set a certain time in the day to work out. The same applies to creativity as well. Set a certain time out of the day. The location doesn’t matter; some people get inspired in their office, while others like nature. Then, there are those who like to mix up their locations. Anyway, you can take as much time as you want, or you can time yourself. Sometimes, creativity happens when you are in a crunch. Experiment and see what you can come up with.

Don’t Be Afraid to Think of a Lot of Ideas
Some creative people believe that they need the perfect idea in order to proceed. This is simply not true. Sometimes, an idea can be simple, and even sound a little silly, but if you expand upon it, it could be awesome. When doing creative free time, why not jot down a bunch of ideas and see what you can come up with. Many of those ideas may be trash, but a
few of them may have meat on the bone and inspire you to proceed further with your ideas.

Set Time to Inspire

If you’re going to be an artist, you have to have inspiration. If you are a writer, read a lot. If you are an artist, look at some art and see how the artist draws. Obviously, these works are things you shouldn’t copy, but instead be inspired by. Try it and see what you can come up with.
Chances are, you can take someone’s else’s idea and make it your own.

Hone in on an Idea

Is there an idea you like? If so, why not hone in on it? If you’re an artist, try drawing the idea in many different ways. If you are a writer, try writing different writing prompts based on it. Your skills and ideas towards this concept will indeed improve over time, and you can perfect your
craft until that idea is ready for the world to see.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for Help
Finally, the best idea we can tell you is to get help from others. Ask your friends and family for inspiration. Talk to other artists, both online and offline. It sometimes takes a village to create your idea, and by getting some assistance, you may be able to improve your idea even more.

Speaking of family, if you have kids, you should learn how to exercise their creativity. For more ways you can teach kids to be creative, click here or look here. You can help everyone grow as a person, including yourself.

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