Are you in control of your movements during your exercise class?

Fundamentals of Pilates Workshop tackling the principles of ControlThe fundamentals of Pilates, the principles underlying this unique form of movement, teach and train individuals to develop control while exercising. The fundamentals, also known as the principles, are the main components of all Joseph Pilates’ exercises, including mat-based and standing exercises.

There are typically 8 principles included in Pilates’ exercise method, all of them helping to improve the effect of the exercise. Control is one of these principles and indeed, Joseph H. Pilates’ book, written in 1945, is titled ‘Return to Life Through Contrology’.

It is, of course, possible to go through the motions of the movements without an awareness of the principles. However, there is much to be gained by incorporating the principles fully into the way the exercises are carried out. Pilates as an exercise methodology has not only stood the test of time, but over the last 20 years has been the focus of numerous high quality and rigorous research studies confirming the benefits of exercising integrating the Pilates’ principles.

In addition to control, the Pilates’ principles include; alignment, breathing, centring, and more. On the workshop on  Saturday 2nd February 10.30am – 12noon, we shall explore the fundamentals of Pilates movements and with a few simple and achievable techniques, we shall practise including them as part of the exercises, both in some standing Pilates’ moves as well as some mat-based exercises. We shall also work on, what Pilates’ referred to as, ‘the Powerhouse’, to help develop increased trunk muscle strength and endurance, not just while we exercise but also to take in to our daily activities.

If you are new to Pilates exercise, this workshop shall give you a good all-round introduction to the method. If you are already a Pilates devotee, we shall aim to build on your experience with a fresh focus on combining the Pilates principles into your workout.

Please bring your questions along to help personalise this workshop and, hopefully, make it even more fun!

Written by Carol Urquhart

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