Digital Distractions

What do you do to log off?

In a world where we all feel the pressure of digital overload. How do you re gain balance other than leaving your phone in a different room?

We have recently acquired bees and although I can’t take the credit for the time I spend checking on them or the 15 jars of honey we have harvested. Just walking up to the paddock where their hive is and standing listening to their hum, watching the bees flying in and out of the hive going about their work is mesmerising before I know it I have been immersed and off looking at my phone for a good hour!

As we moved into the toddler zone and I stopped breast feeding my son I found the time to enjoy reading a good old paper book again. Something in the early days of having a baby I thought I would never see again. Setting up The View Studio book club has also been an incentive to read different books and enjoy discussing them.

My most recent effort to shine offline is knitting. I am the tightest knitter and can only knit straight things CANNOT follow a pattern but I do enjoy the simplicity of it. Unfortunately my most recent attempt at a smaller blanket for my son to take to nursery got lost on the first day he took it. So I am back at square one quite literally!!

What do you like to do to regain balance and shine off line?

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