Top Tips to Prevent Knee Pain

Knee pain is pretty common in ageing, pregnancy, after birth and truthfully with many other humans on this planet.

Here are some very simple tips to help you understand what is going on with the knee and when you are feeling pain.

Do you notice when you are climbing the stairs or walking up a hill/ incline you are getting pain in the knees?

The primary for reason for this is because you are NOT using your glutes (your bottom).  Your knees are doing all the work whilst your big bottom muscle is totally underused. Glutes is short for a few muscles the big one being gluteus maximus obviously!  It’s not just the sheer size of this muscle, it’s also the strength of it. Strong leg muscles particularly at the back of the leg help to stabilise the knee. 

If you think about sprinters with their buns of steel, they are getting to that finish line by propelling themselves forward using their butts.

My first top tip is think about how many times a day do you climb the stairs. If you are propelling yourself up the stairs by pushing your knee forwards. Please stop! Go back and climb the stairs keeping your knee in line with your ankle and then use your butt to power up the stairs.

Next top tip, our good old friend the squat!

Stand up out of the chair you are currently sitting in… I know you are sitting… most people are these days. 

Did you just use your arms to lift you up out of that chair?

You did didn’t you!

Sit down again and use your bum to lift you out of your chair. This is the reason WHY I teach squats correctly in all my classes to plant the seed of using your bottom to get out of a chair.

Hinge forward and lift that tailbone.

Last top tip, reach down FROM STANDING and pick something up off the floor. Did you push you knee forward? Did you? 

There is only so much load our poor old knees can tolerate and by not keeping the knee in line with the ankle puts pressure on the knee. 

In Barre and Pilates I teach you to keep your knee joint vertically stacked on top of your ankle and to use your butt when you do squats and lunges.

Join me now having finished reading my top tips – poke you butt out as you return to standing! 

Oh you already were standing!! Great!

If you are reading this sitting at your desk in work, I run a variety of classes where you learn to stand, sit and move better. I can even come in to your place of work and do a Desk Energiser with you and your staff.

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