How Often Should You Stretch?

After a good nights sleep we often feel stiff and achy in the morning or just need a good stretch! Start with some easy stretches while lying in bed, then sitting up in bed, such as bending to the front and sides. This will stretch and loosen the muscles and help flush them with more blood.

Our bodies very cleverly know how to protect themselves. Our stretch reflex controls the length of our muscles which help keep our bones where they should be and our joints working well. 

Hands up who has had that, “I can’t stretch any further” feeling in class?! If you need to work on your flexibility, let’s be honest most of us need to, then the good news is that you can reset your stretch reflex – aka become more bendy. The most important note is to stretch regularly – as a rule of thumb you need to stretch at least 3 times a week to maintain or improve your range of motion.  Light (not too intense) stretches are best before you get moving in the morning then once the body is warmed up as the day progresses you can go deeper into your stretches.

Moving on a daily basis (a simple walk while swinging your arms) is a great way to release those feel-good endorphins, get blood moving, and help clear nasty toxins from the body. Movement practices like Pilates , Barre and Yoga also help with your flexibility as the exercises are designed to work your muscles through their full range of motion.  These classes often incorporate some stretching and release work to prepare the body for more challenging sequences as well as to relax and recover at the end of class.

Adding a specific stretch class into your week also helps to compliment these movement based classes. 

Supple, flexible muscles makes correct positioning easier, the more accurate the alignment is, the longer you can hold these positions for, and then increase the number of repetitions. 

Our unique combination of fascial release techniques and lengthening stretches will increase your flexibility, aid muscle recovery and ease any stiffness, aches or pains in your body. This will encourage your muscles to elongate, detoxify and ultimately become more flexible. 

We highly recommend adding one Stretch class a week to your workout routine, to achieve transformative results even faster.

Sometimes it is important to take note of muscle soreness, constant aches and pains and understand that stretching might not be the answer. Also if you’re naturally bendy and suffer from hyper mobility your aches and pains might mean that you need to do more strengthening and stabilising work and attend more Pilates, Barre or Yoga classes.  

Overall, a good stretch has its place. All of our classes at The View Studio compliment each other and help you find that balance for your body.

If in doubt about your aches and pains the best way to find out exactly what is going on is to get assessed by a professional – e.g a physio, chiro or doctor.

Is there a stretch you are struggling with and feel like you are not making any progress? DM The View Studio or comment below and we will give you some helpful tips.

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